PG Programmes

M.Com at Calicut University carries a lot of weightage and open the doors for ‘Lectureship in Colleges or a post in Accounts/Administrative Departments of big companies, banks etc. It is definitely a worthwhile course to be done with your job/business or along with other professional courses like C.A, C.W.A, C.S, etc. It is also a recognized qualification for higher studies abroad, and in the field of research.

We offer M.A. Programme in English Language and Literature with an eye on the changing literary scenario.

Our Masters degree in psychology will help you develop a range of skills in research, time management, communication and critical analysis, while growing your knowledge about the key principles, theories and methods within the discipline. The course aims at enabling the students to work in different fields of psychology. The Post Graduate program enables the student with the skill set needed to analyse and understand the changing face of psychology and its applied fields and channelize their knowledge in a systematic and holistic manner to understanding human behaviour